About Us

We want to help you. We are not just a professional accounting firm and focus more on the administration of the business. So that you can have an all interactive professional cloud solution for your business.

Who Are We
Digit Cloud financial services was established to cater for start-up and Medium and Established companies. The Digit Cloud Team is a dynamic and experienced Team. We only employ Qualified accountants that are registered with the South African Institute of Professional Accountants (SAIPA).
As an SME it’s hard to balance the management of a company. You work hard every day to meet customers, current needs and anticipate what they want for their business or future. We established the company to assist SME (small medium enterprises) with an accounting platform, accounting advice, financial backing and planning and tax planning.

Not only do we focus on accounting but also the after sales function of accounting. Our focus is to add value to our customers other than reports they don’t understand. We therefore assign a registered qualified accountant to attend to your accounting and tax needs.

We also provide financial planning and financial advice to corporate companies and individuals. Our aim of this service is to provide the customer with sound and effective financial planning.